Monday, March 2, 2009

Nate Davis - QB - Ball State


Height: 6'1" Weight: 218 40 Time: 5.01

Nate Davis is my #5 QB in this years draft. He has a laser for an arm and could be a very good asset to any NFL franchise. Davis' mobility and accurate arm remind me a lot of Steve McNair. Both McNair and Davis are mobile without killer speed and both have excellent arms. The big knock on Davis is how he played in the last 2 games of the season; against Buffalo in the MAC title game and against Tulsa in the GMAC Bowl. Davis did not play particularly well in either (especially the bowl game) however he did pile up a lot of yards against Buffalo but that was because he was trying to play catch up. Davis' has tremendous potential and has all the ability, I believe, to step in and start almost immediately.


Nate's competitiveness, strength, athletic ability, and mechanics are what set him apart. His ability to avoid the rush gives the offense 2nd chances at the play and his sound mechanics are what allow him to be accurate in the passing game. He has tremendous strength that allows him to have plenty of pop on the ball and his technique keeps it accurate, his strength also allows him to stand tall in the pocket and make plays under duress. I believe Davis' skill set will allow him to be a successful QB in the NFL.


Davis has struggled at time with consistency, and I think his competitiveness is responsible for that. He tries too hard sometimes to force stuff and it causes mistakes. Nate also needs some work with his post snap reads and looking off the safety. At times I think he locks in on one receiver too much based on his pre snap reads which in the collegiate game he can get away with that, it won't be so easy in the NFL where defenses are great at disguising coverage pre snap.


I believe Nate Davis can be a very successful QB at the NFL level. His competitiveness, strength, athletic ability, and his sound mechanics in the passing game are what will give him the opportunity to be successful in the NFL. With a little bit of work on reading defenses and adjusting to the speed of the NFL game Davis could become a franchise type QB along the lines of a Steve McNair. Davis has shown great toughness and plays a lot stronger than his build. His accuracy and arm strength are exactly what NFL teams are looking for, he has shown that he can make most of the throws that will be required of him. If Davis can learn to settle in and not force anything his consistency will improve dramatically. His mental toughness I believe will allow him to learn to read a defense pretty quickly and adjust to the speed of the game very soon. All in all Nate Davis will be a solid pick up in the draft for whichever team gets him and will become a successful QB for years to come.

Below is a link to download the full detailed scouting report on Nate Davis